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What are natural remedies for cough? For anxiety? For sleep? For headaches?

Each person has a unique physical, emotional and mental state, at any given time. Depending on these evolving states, an ND is best qualified to provide answers that encompass the whole person taking an individualized approach – and that includes natural remedies.

In Canada, natural products (NHPs) are regulated by Health Canada under the Natural Health Product Regulations. An NHP is a product with an active ingredient that is of natural origin and consists of either, or a combination of: an animal part, a bacterial culture, a vitamin, mineral or a salt. NDs are experts in natural medicine. Contact an ND for the appropriate natural product for your health concern.

However, there are other natural means of preventing conditions and symptoms, even before they become an issues by making easy lifestyle changes. Sleep, or lack of it, makes a great positive impact, or takes a toll on health. A diet rich in whole foods that avoids sugar, processed foods and alcohol, also helps. Your ND can inform you on so many ways of achieving a naturally healthy lifestyle. Of course, an ND can also help with conditions that are tapping your energy, or making you feel weak, sick or lethargic.

Coughs (dry, wet, congested, intermittent); anxiety, stress, headaches, rashes, allergies, inability to concentrate, fatigue – they all make life harder to deal with, and sometimes sap all your strength. Your ND will create a personalized course of treatment for each condition and assess it as time, and YOU progress.

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