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Welcome, naturopathic graduates!

The always-low membership rate for 1st year practitioners includes access to:


For 1st year practitioners*

  • Discounted group malpractice insurance
  • Discounted group home and auto insurance
  • Health spending accounts and health trusts
  • Natural Medicines database
  • Great, low rates on merchant services and systems (VISA, MasterCard)
  • Banking services, including lines of credit
  • Special offers on various publications and more!

You’ve graduated and passed NPLEX or your CONO Entry to Practice exams. Now what?

Apply to provincial regulatory board where you are going to practice. For those planning to practice in an unregulated area the CAND recommends that you maintain a license from one of the provincial regulatory boards.

Malpractice Insurance Coverage

Licensure requires malpractice insurance coverage. The CAND obtains great rates through Paisley-Partners Inc. Insurance Brokers.

NDs must ensure they meet the insurance coverage requirements set by the regulatory authority in their jurisdictions. Coverage limits range from $2,00000 to $5,000,000 depending on scope of practice and jurisdiction. In unregulated jurisdictions it is recommended that NDs carry a minimum of $2,000,0000 and up to $5,000,000 if they are providing higher risk treatments such as IV therapy, chelation therapy etc. For more information on insurance offerings and applications please contact Roshan Philip at [email protected] or 1-877-427-8683.

British Columbia Registrants

Alberta Registrants

Saskatchewan Registrants

Manitoba Registrants

Ontario Registrants

  • Complete College of Naturopaths of Ontario’s (CONO) registration steps one and two
  • Apply for CAND & OAND membership providing CONO’s Confirmation of Eligibility for Registration (Step 3)
  • CAND processes payment, if approved
  • CAND will confirm membership with OAND
  • CAND alerts Paisley-Partners Inc. of new membership
  • Complete CONO’s step 3

Please note: CONO regulations stipulate that new applicants may not practice naturopathic medicine, use the ND designation or the title “Dr.” until they have been issued a registration number by CONO.

Quebec Registrants

Newfoundland and Labrador Registrants

Northwest Territories Registrants

Nova Scotia Registrants

New Brunswick Registrants

Nunavut Registrants

Prince Edward Island Registrants

Yukon Registrants