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Owen Wiseman, ND

With a knack for making meaningful connections, Owen has had a long history of guiding and helping others transform their health. As a Medical Advisor and Naturopathic Doctor, he helps to mentor his patients with dedicated passion, cheering them on as they achieve their next milestone. With his infectious positivity and energy, he’s ready to shatter that ‘No, but’ mindset as he moves you into the lifestyle that has you saying, ‘Yes, and’.

He completed his undergraduate at the University of Ottawa while working as a Clinical Researcher at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). Initially he studied the impacts of exercise on paediatric epilepsy before transferring to the gastroenterlogy team. There, he worked on projects studying the microbiome of children, including the nationwide CIDsCaNN project.

He was part of the fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue focus shift team, a group of passionate interns looking to help optimize the health of those suffering from chronic illness. He was also heavily involved in the school community during his time at CCNM, sitting on various committees and serving as President of the Naturopathic Students’ Association.

He is passionate about using the growing field of evidence supporting the clinical benefits of nature, and as a public speaker and consultant, he works with corporations and organizations to help them invest in the health of their employees by incorporating nature-focused principles into their workspace.

Owen is keen about removing health as an obstacle to the success of his patients and strives to be their biggest cheerleader. He’s here to help our community get WISE about their health and the ways through which we can all reflect our best self!



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