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Larissa Wheeler, ND, Wheeler

Dr. Larissa Wheeler, ND, BHS is a vibrant primary care doctor who has a passion for helping people live their best lives. She does this through naturopathic medicine: when people have their health, they can change the world. She has a special interest in:

Skin Health.
This is Larissa’s major passion and what drove her into naturopathic medicine. She wants everyone to feel confident and beautiful in the skin they are in.

Mental Health and Stress Management
Larissa wants to help you optimize your health by decreasing stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout in order to live a vibrant life.

Hormonal & Reproductive Health
Including hormonal acne, menstrual concerns and pain, cycle regulation, hormonal mood fluctuations and more. You deserve to feel comfortable and pain free.

Pediatric and Young Adult Health.
Larissa believes healthy kids are our future and has enjoyed treating children so far in her career. Her focus is around self love and self acceptance and loving the skin you are in. She wants our young aduls to feel supported, heard, and healthy.


Dr. Larissa Wheeler, ND would be honoured to be apart of your health journey. 



  • Saskatchewan
    • Acupuncture
    • Manipulation


  • English
  • French