ND Profile

Kim Vance, ND, B.Sc. (Hons)

Hi! I'm Dr. Kim Vance ND.

I believe that when women are healthy and empowered everyone benefits. My practice is female-focused with an emphasis on education and body literacy. My purpose is to empower women to reclaim their health so that they can reach their full potential. I am thorough and meticulous by nature, always searching for the why behind your symptoms. My approach is holistic and considers your entire constellation of symptoms. I am passionate about the foundations of health, and I believe that diet is the backbone of any treatment. I recognize your individuality and will always treat you like the unique human that you are. Whether it be regulating periods and balancing hormones or optimizing digestion and banishing bloat, I will arm you with the tools and knowledge you need to heal. So join me for a chat, and let’s get you back to an optimal state of health!

Areas of Focus:
- Hormonal Health
- Fertility and Reproductive Health

- Digestion and Gut Health

- Fatigue 



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