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Christina Carew, ND

I changed career trajectory from Marketing Jack-of-all-Trades to Naturopathic Doctor because I believed that there was (and still is) a need to innovate in health and healthcare.

In the marketing world, we had no problem killing a project when we knew it wasn’t working. Yet, for some reason this same lesson rarely applies when we think about our own health. I am ready to take that challenge on.

My motivation of creating HealingMe is to provide a catalyst for change that starts with me (and you).

My approach to healthcare investigates you (your personal blueprint) and factors in your life experiences (where you have lived, worked, travel) and your current obstacles to success. We work together to co-create a plan to initiate momentum that moves you forward and increases your quality of life.

I remove the obstacles that are holding you back from success by helping our brains work more effectively, increasing our creativity, productivity and ability to live life to the fullest.

Visit my website to find out more about my practice. www.healingme.ca



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