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Annie Savage, ND

Hi, I'm an innovative naturopathic phiysician at the Bay Wellness Centre specializing in Sports Medicine, Pain Management and Women's Health. I provide prolotherapy injections, platelet rich plasma injections, acupuncture and dry needling to enhance healing of physical injuries to allow athletes to return to the sports they love, and decrease the pain of chronic disease, such as arthritis. I enjoy working in women's health, providing care to optimize hormone health and fertility. I also provide medical esthetics to enhance beauty and ease the process of aging for both women and men. I am a general physician providing overall care to all patients, focusing on immune health, including IV therapies, nutrition and lifestyle counseling.



  • British Columbia
    • Acupuncture
    • Advanced Injection therapies
    • Aesthetic Procedures
    • IV therapies
    • Ozone Therapy
    • Prescriptive Authority


  • English