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Molly Scotchmer, ND

I am a board-certified naturopathic doctor with a focus on digestive issues, autoimmune disease, thyroid & hormone balancing, and stress, anxiety & fatigue.  I focus on these areas because they have the biggest impact on your overall health, and are the most under-served by the existing medical system.   I chose naturopathic and functional medicine because I felt the current medical model was reactive in nature, symptom-based, and didn’t empower the patient. I wanted to practice medicine that uncovers the root cause of a patient’s symptoms and that is preventative in nature.  I feel strongly about putting the control back into the hands of the patient and teaching people how to take charge of their health so they can live life to the fullest.  This is what I do best and why I chose this type of medicine.

I am a compassionate and attentive listener, a trusted advisor and an unwavering advocate for my patients.  I will work closely with you to find solutions for lasting change that are efficient and effective, and most importantly, that fit into your life.  My medical approach is science and evidence-based and connects emerging research to clinical practice.  I believe the answers lie both in your unique biochemistry and in your overall health history.  In order to uncover these answers, I spend the time to understand your story and utilize both standard blood tests and functional medical tests to see where your body needs strategic support.  I also do focused physical exams because I believe they are key to understanding your overall health.


Prior to earning my naturopathic medical degree, I worked as a senior director within the marketing communications industry for twelve years.  I know firsthand the challenges that come with trying to juggle a demanding career, marriage and my own personal interests and the toll that can play on your overall wellbeing. This learning and insight has helped shape my practice and has been valuable both to my patients and my personal growth.


I grew up in Oakville and I’m delighted to return to my hometown and contribute to this great community again.  After many years of living abroad in Europe and Australia, and then completing medical school in Toronto, it was time to return to my roots.  My husband and I are the proud parents of vivacious twins who keep us laughing and enjoying all those small moments, and who are a reminder of the wonders of life.



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