ND Profile

Lisa Adams, ND, HBSc

Dr Lisa is a registered Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Women’s Health Coach practicing for over 10 years. Her clinical focus is in women’s and children’s health, mental/emotional wellness, and fertility. She excels at creating thriving families through her passion of helping tired and stressed Moms feel like themselves again and optimizing children’s health. 

Dr Lisa understands how challenging and hectic everyday life can be! This is why she has developed a specialized and individualized approach to helping everyone succeed in optimizing their health, achieving their goals, and creating a lifestyle that lasts for themselves and their families- no matter from where they are starting or how busy they may be. She does this by working like a detective to uncover weaknesses as well as strengths in your body, habits, and genetics in order to highlight the next best steps to feel your best. Realistic, individualized and evidence based recommendations are the cornerstone of her practice.

Dr Lisa loves coffee, cooking, and staying active by doing yoga and enjoying nature hikes with her feisty eight year old daughter. She is currently accepting new patients at the clinic and offers free 15 minute health discovery sessions where she shares a bit of her particular approach to health care to see if you would qualify as a good fit for her practice. 



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