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Cheryl Allen, ND, BASc, NCMP

I have always had a heart for helping others. Initially this led me to exploring the field of Dietetics. Learning the powerful effect nutrition has on the body ignited a passion within me to look deeper into the root causes of health. This steered my journey towards Naturopathic Medicine, where I focused in approaches to healthcare that uses a variety of treatment options to work with the body. As a woman and a mother of three young children, I feel a strong connection to the health concerns of women which led me to further training in the areas of perinatal, fertility, hormone and menopause health. I am certified menopause practitioner through the North American Menopause Society.

Practicing as a Naturopathic Doctor is extremely rewarding. Each day I come to work, I am blown away by the uniqueness and challenges of the human body. I love problem solving and I have the privilege to do this every day. Whether it is trying to discover the root cause of why a person is having a particular symptom or trying to figure out a way to fit a treatment plan into a person’s life, I am constantly challenged.

What I find most rewarding about Naturopathic Medicine is honouring the uniqueness of each of my patients. The body constantly strives to be in balance, and the symptoms the body presents are clues as to what is out of alignment. Using various testing procedures, I can determine how different systems are functioning as opposed to just discovering the presence of disease. Together, my patients and I strive to reach a point where these symptoms make sense. The relationships I create opens the space for intimate discussion and leads to the creation of a successful treatment plan achieving lasting change and stability in the body.



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