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aaron zadek, ND (inactive)

Dr. Zadek is on sabbatical for 2023 and is not accepting patients

Dr. Zadek has a strong passion for sports medicine. He uses an evidence based approach to provide individualized sport therapy and nutrition. He has experience working with athletes in a variety of sports including long and short distance runners, competitive swimmers, dancers, minor league hockey and football, cyclists and professional fighters. Dr. Zadek also travels as an onsite therapist and nutritionist for professional athletes; supervising their physical and mental preparation for competition, weight management, in-competition repairs and post-fight therapy.

Concussion management is an important part to Aaron`s practice. He emphasizes the importance of proper baseline testing before and after impact to ensure safe return to play. He uses a multi-discipline approach including nutrition, lifestyle modifications and physical medicine (acupuncture, massage, cupping).



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