Membership Dues

The CAND has not increased membership dues since 2009.   However, overall costs are increasing for everyone, including the CAND, and we need to ensure we have the revenue to continue to educate, advocate and promote on your behalf.


For 2023, we will be streamlining our membership offerings and phasing out the Part Time category of membership. The CAND is proud to provide the same services and support for all our members regardless of membership level.


Here are the CAND membership levels moving forward:

Member Category

  2023 Rate

   Increase of

   2024 Rate

   Increase of

   2025 Rate

Increase of


     $450            $0       $450           $0        $499      $49

Part Time

     $349          $99        n/a          n/a

Third Year  NEW 2024

       $349         NEW         $349         $0

Second Year

    $199         (-$51)        $199            $0         $199         $0

First Year

    $199           $39        $199            $0        $199         $0


(Out of country,

not practicing

or retired)

   $199          $39        $199            $0        $199         $0

Our volunteer board of Directors and small, dedicated team of staff are excited to continue our mission to lobby the federal government, advocate for more coverage with insurance companies and educate the public about naturopathic medicine.

We’ve seen some big wins for NDs in Canada over the last few years.

    • GST/HST exemption on naturopathic services


    • Our first National Awareness Campaign was a resounding success. We reached over 11 Million of our target market and moved the needle forward on those who would consider seeing an ND.


    • NMW 2022 – Social Media Campaign was seen over 1 million times with average follow-up engagement rate 27.2%.


    • NMW was Recognized in the House of Commons


    • Launch of CAND Journal (CANDJ), a peer reviewed, indexed online journal on evidence informed best practices of naturopathic medicine. Readership of over 3,000 with and an international reach!


    • Ongoing successful social media strategy ‘Better Health, Together’


      • Other work federally:
      • member of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) advisory table on COVID
      • advocacy for CBD products
      • ongoing work with the NNHPD, including engagement with Indigenous Ministries for coverage of naturopathic services

We are always here to assist our members.


If you have any questions about what’s next, or about your membership, please reach out to [email protected]