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posted Feb 15, 2023


Premium Update


With the expert advice and assistance of our team at Paisley – Partners, the CAND has been able to keep premium levels at the same rate year over year during negotiations with our underwriters. However, the world has changed significantly and costs have increased across the board for all services. The insurance industry is no exception. Despite hard fought negotiations by Paisley – Partners, where the underwriter wanted a 30% increase for malpractice and property insurance, premiums will be increasing as of April 1, 2023 for the first time in thirteen years.


The increase is 15% for malpractice insurance and 10% for property and liability insurance. The new malpractice rates are as follows:

2 million coverage – $518.00

3 million coverage – $793.00

5 million coverage – $863.00

Property rates will depend on the coverage you have under your policy.


New Benefit Option


We are pleased to announce that the program has been enhanced this year with an option to purchase ‘Legal Expense Insurance’ at a cost of $80 (plus applicable tax). Details are posted on the Members Portal of the CAND website. Highlights of the coverage include:

  • Legal Defense – Defend legal rights that relate to a criminal prosecution or Occupational Health and Safety Inspection.
  • Property Protection – Pursue civil action relating to physical damage, nuisance, or trespass.
  • Bodily Injury – Pursue civil action relating to a sudden accident to you or your employees.
  • Tax Protection – Respond to a business audit or appeal a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) decision.


The CAND group insurance plan continues to be the most comprehensive and cost effective insurance coverage on the market for naturopathic doctors. The plan covers the complete scope of practice across Canada with all modalities included and no deductible.


If you have questions about your insurance please contact Paisley – Partners Inc. directly by email to [email protected] or telephone – 1-877-427-8683.


We thank members for the ongoing support of your program.

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