ND Associate

Position Details

Position: Full time or Part Time ND Associate (Full Time Associate)

Company Name: Rebalance London Naturopathic & Wellness Clinic

Compensation: Percentage Split

Location: Ontario

Starting Date: Thu, Feb 01st, 2024

Position Description

London, ON Very busy, positive, award winning clinic looking for a part-time or full-time, virtual or in-person associate.

We offer online booking and full reception support. We have a constant influx of new patients, often booking more than 5-10 NP/week (this past week we had 18 New Patients booked in) and need another ND to take on the load of incoming calls. Guarantee to have a busy schedule.

Rebalance offers a fun, safe, and supportive environment. We are a fully licensed IV clinic and would love an ND that is certified but is not necessary. We only add associates once our current NDs are booked and have a good patient load.  Minimum rent has never not been reached by an ND at our clinic. Average income from and ND can be discussed as well as schedules. 

We’re moving shortly into a new and beautifully renovated space.

Rebalance London Naturopathic & Wellness Clinic PH: 519-601-2002 email: [email protected] Website: www.rebalancelondon.com

Position Requirements

We are located central London where we have won top naturopathic clinic 4 years in a row.


We have an incredible patient base with a great referral system from other clinics and patients in town and we’re looking for a new ND to join our team.

Contact details

Name: Jennifer Vidmar (Connors) - Business Owner/ND

Email: [email protected]