Kaylee Alton, ND

Dr. Alton provides a thorough workup to understand what your unique biochemistry, hormone and nutrient needs are. She practices using a biomedical model, where patients are assessed and assigned appropriate lab-work and dietary changes, lifestyle education, supplements of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, bioidentical hormones, herbal medicine, injections and clinical nutrition, according to their biochemistry deficiencies. Her focus is on hormone irregularities, IBS or SIBO, digestive disease, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, burnout, fatty liver, liver health, and in particular, has started a multi-disciplinary stroke recovery treatment program at Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital in the East end.

Dr. Kaylee is intentional about building the field of naturopathic medicine with a focus on collaborative care with physicians and specialists, sharing charts and patient care, that includes naturopathic approaches. She believes everyone should have a family doctor and a naturopathic doctor.



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