Naturopathic Medicine Week™

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Materials for Naturopathic Medicine Week™ 

May  16-22, 2021

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Event ideas

  • Collaborate with colleagues and take turns giving a lecture on different nights during NMW
  • Take turns having an Open House during NMW
  • Offer free testing (if allowed in your province), or offer testing by donation
  • Offer consultations in your local health food store or local apothecary/pharmacy
  • Offer tours on healthy food choices or the health food section of your local grocery store
  • Give lectures in schools (elementary and secondary) to promote healthy eating
  • Unable to participate? Promote local NMW events with your patients.
  • Facilitate a concentrated, community-based presentation of Naturopathic Medicine with the NDs in the area who are interested in participating (success may be evaluated by the following criteria: number of patient visits generated; attendance at a lecture; networking with the community; recognition by the mayor, local MP/MLA and the media)

Additional Marketing and Promotional Support

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