Associate Naturopathic Doctor LANGLEY BC

Position Details

Position: Associate Naturopathic Doctor (Part Time Associate)

Company Name: Livstil Wellness

Compensation: percentage split

Location: British Columbia

Starting Date: Thu, Nov 17th, 2022

Position Description

Lifestyle medicine is deeply woven into the vision for the Livstil Wellness clinic. We have a deep commitment to provide patients with evidenced based, integrated medical approaches. As an experienced team, we work together to provide a welcoming and healing environment for our patients alongside a high level of customer service. This allows us to foster and maintain genuine long-lasting relationships with our patients. To help accommodate our growth we are seeking a part-time (20-24 hrs/wk) ND with existing clinical experience to join our team.  We currently have 2 NDs and we work alongside the Whiplash and Injury Clinic where we collaborate with a chiropractor and kinesiologist.

We provide the following services:
● all admin services provided (2 PT admin staff – phlebotomy/lab technician skills)
● Outsmart EMR software provided for booking, charting, and bookkeeping
● Onsite dispensary (stocked from a variety of professional companies incl. unique formulas from the US)
● 2-chair IV suite (equipped with BP monitors, hydrocollator)
● Multi purpose exam room that allows for PAPs, acupuncture, and other inhouse procedures (i.e., PRP, prolotherapy)
● Beautiful consult room with lots of natural light
● All office and medical supplies provided
● Inhouse laundry services
● Life lab services onsite, located within the same building
● Variety of professionally compiled patient resources (i.e., handouts, programs)
● Active marketing plan incl. regular website maintenance, newsletters, blog posts, etc.
● Mentorship available

If you are interested in joining our team, please forward your cover letter and resume.

Position Requirements

Our ideal candidate has 2+ years and certification in Prescribing & IV therapy.  Availability for locum coverage is needed from time to time.

Contact details

Name: Dr. Sarah Sjovold - Owner

Email: [email protected]